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 In certain Bible prophecy circles there is constant talk and writing about an eventual New World Order that will establish a one world economy and government. This scheme of interpretation asserts that such a configuration of the world will set the stage for the final and consummate one world dictator, known as the Antichrist. One of hundreds of websites positing this position writes confidently, “This New World Order is not some prophetically speculative or futuristic fairy tale, but a real world reality. It is not some "wacko conspiracy theory" advanced by the fringe of society like the powers that be would have us believe. It is not a "conspiracy," rather it's an agenda. Anybody that will end their soma induced "holiday" and unplug from the delusional "matrix" will see the evidence all around them. It has been a long time in the making, its pieces fitting into place from divergent realms and different players. Gears and levers of history have been moved and adjusted, and a large-scale game of Monopoly has been played, with real currency and real assets shifting hands - a game with very real winners and losers.”

That there are those elitist and super-rich persons, who desire and have evil designs for a New World Order, is a fact. That they will never succeed is a biblical fact! Why? Because they are 2,000 years too late! The end of the Old World Order has already occurred in the successful mission of the Messiah, and the New World Order was established by the kingdom of God’s coming in the person and work of the King, Jesus the Messiah. For this reason we should not live with fear of the future, nor should we forsake the agenda and assignment that all Christ’s disciples have been given as members of the factual, final, future and forever New World Order – the Kingdom of God!

Mark’s gospel introduces us to the fact that the coming of Jesus introduced a radical historical event that would bring a new state of affairs for the whole world. All this is inherent in the words, the “gospel of the kingdom of God” Dudley Hall was on target when he asserted that, “The gospel is an announcement of an event that changes history. After this event nothing will ever be the same again. After hearing this announcement, the hearer will never be the same again.”

Pastor Tim Keller puts the first coming of Christ into proper perspective as he writes, “The gospel is the good news that through Christ the power of God’s kingdom has entered history to renew the whole world. When we believe and rely on Jesus’ work and record (rather than ours) for our relationship to God, that kingdom power comes upon us and begins to work through us.” Amen!

The term “gospel” as used by evangelical Christians today has been so decimated that it is normally used to describe how one gets into God’s Family by getting their sins forgiven an experiencing the new birth so that they get to go to heaven when they die. In addition, they are assured that Jesus will help them become happier, healthier, and wealthier. This truncated gospel is far too Christian-centered rather than Christ-centered. We need to get the big picture presentation of what the gospel is and what it means. There is no better place to get a vision-clearing procedure done on our spiritual eyes than in the concise but correct definition heralded by King Jesus in the account we refer to as the gospel according to Mark 1:14-15:
Now after John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1:14-15 (ESV)

Focus your attention upon this first and foundational truth:

I. There is a Noun that Portrays the Author of the Gospel – “gospel of God”

In Mark 1:14, Mark says that Jesus preached the good news of God, which is then defined for us in v. 15. `The time has come,’ he said. `The kingdom of God is near.

Since we are told it is the gospel of God, we would be wise to know how He defines the gospel. John Piper is ever so right when he states that not only is it God’s gospel, but that God is the gospel: “The highest, best and final good that makes the gospel good news is the revelation of the glory of God in Christ for us to behold and embrace and enjoy increasingly forever. In other words, as the gospel events of Christ’s death and resurrection unfold in history and in the gospel, they reveal a glory that we were made to see and enjoy as the highest, best, and final end of our existence and of the gospel. My plea is that everyone who cares about the proclamation of the gospel keep this final good of the good news in view and lead others to treasure “the glory of God in the face of Christ” above all things.”

A. The Gospel is not Good Advice to be Followed but Good News to be Believed!

Daniel Cruver writes, “When Christians chose “euangelion” to express the essence of their faith, they passed over words that Hellenistic religions used, such as ‘illumination’ (photismos) and ‘knowledge’ (gnosis) or that Judaism used such as ‘instruction’ or ‘teaching’ (didache) or ‘wisdom’ (sophia). Of course, all of these words were used to describe Christianity, but none achieved the centrality of ‘gospel’. What does that mean? First, it means that the gospel is news about what God has already done for you, rather than instruction and advice about what you are to do for God. The primacy of his work, not our work, is part of the essence of faith. In other religions, God reveals to us how we can find or achieve salvation. In Christianity, God achieves salvation for us. The gospel brings news primarily, rather than instruction.”

The Gospel of God is in the genitive case which means it's a Gospel that came from God to men to bring men to God. So we've got to always remember when we're delivering the Gospel that, though it is for the benefit of man, it ought to be God-centered when we deliver it to men. It's for man's benefit, but it must be God-centered rather than man-centered because it is God's work from start to finish.

The gospel addresses everything that was affected by the fall of mankind. It deals with sin, self, Satan, time, the earth, life after death, and the final return of Christ. The gospel is the “reversal of the curse”, the true restoration process with the final product being better than the original. Yet today we tend to focus on one aspect of it – missing hell and making heaven when we die -- and make that “our gospel”.

II. There is a Notification that Heralds Good News from the Ruler of all Creation – “…proclaiming the gospel of God…”

A. The Gospel is an announcement of a victory that established Christ’s New World Order –“proclaiming”

The word used for the preaching or proclaiming that Jesus did is “kerusso”.  Kerusso is a term borrowed from the secular sphere where it was used for the proclamation of an official message from a ruler or other person of power. Because of that association, the term implies some dignity for the person doing the proclaiming. Kerusso means to make a formal or an official announcement and thus to announce by means of a herald or one who functions as a herald.

Generally a herald speaks for the king, making his decrees known. In this case, the proclamation was about the kingdom of God and the herald was the King! Matthew uses kerusso for John, for Jesus, and for the disciples. He emphasizes the legally binding and official character of the proclamation.
The message of the heralds was called the “kerygma”. This was the message of the Apostles and the message that was to be announced or preached by all the King’s Criers or heralds! A herald or preacher, was sent by the King in advance of His appearance to bring glad tidings of His kingdom’s presence, power and provision. He had specific instructions and no alterations to the announcement were allowed.

The common motif which runs through all the biblical references to preaching is that of public proclamation. The most characteristic word in the NT is kerusso (more than 60 times), which means "to proclaim as a herald." In the ancient world the herald was a key figure in making known official information and all royal decrees. A second word, “euaggelizomai” (more than 50 occurrences), emphasizes the quality of the message as good or joyful news.

The apostolic “kerygma” was "a proclamation of the death, burial, resurrection, and exaltation of Jesus that asserted that in His person, He was both Lord and Christ.

The “Kerygma”, or the Announcement of the Gospel that declared Him both Lord and Christ, Confronted Two major Strongholds – Acts 2:36

(1) Jesus is Lord confronts the Stronghold of Rebellion -- The Gentiles had given up on Submitting to God and tried Managing their lives as “god-players” through rebellion! Caesar claimed to be Lord, individuals claimed to be their own lord, but Jesus sent forth his “heralds” with one uncompromising announcement – Jesus alone is Lord!

(2) Jesus is the Christ confronts the a Stronghold of Religion -- The Jews had given up relating to God and tried manipulating Him through religion! Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ – Truth is a person to relate to and not just a proposition or principle to use to make life productive and prosperous. Knowing God is a relational experience and not a religious ritual exercise!

This confrontation of mankind’s rebellion and religion with the gospel announcement carried with it a call of immediate and radical repentance, and promised the forgiveness of sins, to those who believe and are baptized in water, with a drenching of the Holy Spirit, poured out upon them for enjoyment of the King and employment in His kingdom!”  This announcement or proclamation was delivered with a driving sense of urgency (1Co 9:16); it appealed to every man's conscience by the open statement of truth (2Co 4:2); it was accompanied by miracles, signs and wonders that demonstrated that it wasn’t just a lot of loud talk (1 Cors 4:20, kingdom is in word and power). More often than not it was met with opposition (cf. 2Co 11:23-28). Since it demanded faith from the hearer, it was careful not to obscure its message with lofty words or eloquent wisdom (1Co 1:17; 2:1-4).

As Public Announcers, NT disciples proclaimed that a man had risen from the dead in the middle of history; He had ascended to Father God and had been given as a reward for His successful mission, the place of supreme, sovereign authority at the right hand of the Father; that He then drenched them with the life of God in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This drenching with the life of the age to come carried with it the power tools, or spiritual gifts, needed to “show and tell” that the announcement they were making was absolute truth!

B. The Gospel is an announcement of an Event that Changes History

As “kingdom announcers, heralds, criers, or proclaimers,” they declared that the end of the old age had come in Jesus, and a brand new world order or creation was dawning. The end of all religion had come because Jesus came to establish a relationship with the living God, not to give some more rules, rituals and regulations. They announced that God had made Jesus, both Lord and Christ, and had given Him all authority in heaven and on earth and that He was the One who had sent them forth as heralds – announcers. The announcement declared that the only way to get in on the good news was to renounce all religion and all rebellion and openly confess that Jesus alone was Lord!

The New Testament exists because the final, complete, decisive, lasting act of divine salvation happened when Jesus, the Messiah, came into the world. He was the final Adam (Read Romans 5:12-21), and the final prophet like Moses (Acts 3:22; 7:37), the final Israel (Matthew 4:1-11), the final high priest (Hebrews 7:23-24), the final Passover sacrifice (1 Corinthians 5:7), the final manna from heaven (John 6:31-32), the final suffering servant of Isaiah 53 (Mark 10:45), and the final Son of Man of Daniel 7 (Matthew 24:30). His blood was the blood of the promised final new covenant in Jeremiah 31:31 (Luke 22:20). He therefore was the final, decisive “Yes” and “Amen” to all God’s promises (2 Corinthians 1:20). The gospel is the good news that the Lord Jesus Christ actually made full payment for our sins. It declares that He removed the wrath of God; detoxified the sting of death, disarmed the devil and his demons, disbanded the curse sin brought on the earth and initiated the reversal of that curse. He has been installed in the place of supreme authority at the right hand of God as the Crucified Messiah and Lord of the universe where He will reign until all His enemies have been made His footstool! That’s actual --  a done deal!

Hear ye, hear ye, as heralds of the King we announce that through the death and resurrection of Jesus a new order of things has come into being.  Not just something in an individual’s heart, but a new reality in history. The fullness of time has come; a new creation has been birthed; the long-anticipated age of the Spirit foretold by Joel has arrived. Now the last days of this present evil age has come as well as the new world of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit because of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The reason to believe and repent isn’t just to go to heaven when you die, get peace in your heart now, or a have happier marriage and better kids.  The reason to repent and believe is quite simple, “God made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ” and this being true there are no other options other than rebellion and more religion; repent or perish!

R. C. H. Lenski comments , “The point to be noted is that to preach is not to argue, reason, dispute, or convince by intellectual proof, against all of which a keen intellect may bring counterargument. We simply state in public or testify to all men the truth which God bids us state. No argument can assail the truth presented in this announcement or testimony. Men either believe the truth, as all sane men should, or refuse to believe it, as only fools venture to do.”

Dudley Hall notes: “After this event nothing will ever be the same again. After hearing this announcement, the hearer will never be the same again. If he or she believes, there is a new life introduced. If he or she does not believe, there is new accountability added to the guilt of sin. But the announcement is not some general offer of heaven and help. It is the bold proclamation that God has acted in history and done something that is monumental. The preaching of the gospel cannot be the timid plea to “accept Jesus as your savior and be assured of eternal salvation.” The nature of the message demands the proclamation be bold and majestic. It is about God and his actions first. The response comes later.”

III. There is a New Day that Publicizes that the Climax of History has Come! – “the time is fulfilled”

The first message of Jesus was an announcement that declared that “the time has come.” The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!” There are two basic words for time in the Greek language. One is chromos and this means clock or calendar type time. The other word, and the one Jesus used in this verse is “kairos” and it means a special event or encounter or a window of opportunity. It is time measured in quality not quantity.

Jesus is saying here that a new world order has dawned. The old world order or era has come to a close. Time is fulfilled in that all the shadows of the Old Testament have become substance in Him; all the rituals have become reality in Him; all the types have been fulfilled in their antitype—Himself. He explains the parables and solves the riddles. He completes Israel’s mission, fulfills its law as well as its temple and inheritance. He has come to reinstate normalcy to life on earth. He is declaring that the power of the end times has broken into to the now of human history. Nothing has ever happened to compare with this event, and nothing ever will. The climax of history has come. There is a meta-narrative, a Big Story, that gives meaning and purpose to all of life’s little stories.

Jesus is saying as clearly and emphatically as He could – ‘the opportune moment is here right now’. That begs the question, the opportune moment for what? To get in on the kingdom of God that He was definitively establishing, would progressively extend, and would ultimately and victoriously establish on earth!

To his grieving, dear friend, Martha of Bethany, Jesus made a mind-boggling statement in John 11:25-26: “Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?"

Bishop N.T. Wright, in commenting on these verses writes: “Martha believes in the doctrine of future and final resurrection. She believed that in the final and new world to come, all God’s people from ancient times to the present would be given new bodies, to share and relish the life of the new creation. This is the rather flat response she gives in verse 24, which reveals that it isn’t at the moment very comforting. But she isn’t prepared for Jesus’ response. The future has burst into the present. The new creation, and with it the resurrection, has come forward from the end of time into the middle of time. Jesus has not just come, as we sometimes say or sing, ‘from heaven to earth’; it is equally true to say that he has come from God’s future into the present, into the mess and muddle of the world we know. ‘I am the resurrection and the life,’ he says. ‘Resurrection’ isn’t just a doctrine. It isn’t just a future fact. It’s a person, and here he is standing in front of Martha, teasing her to make the huge jump of trust and hope.”

IV. There is a Now Time that Provides Access to the Life of the Age to Come – “kingdom of heaven is at hand”

A. The Kingdom of Heaven Being at Hand or Near Means that it was:
1. Powerfully Active – Now!
2. Presently Available – Now!
3. Personally Accessible –Now!

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is “at hand” or near. The word ‘near’ doesn’t mean a distant near but so close you could touch it. One of Strong’s concordances descriptions for the word near is ‘to join one thing to another’.

Pastor Bill Johnson says that Jesus is saying, ‘I have come as King and I’ve brought my world with me’.  The “eternal life” (aionionos zoe – life of the age to come) Jesus offers is not about length of life in heaven, but about the life of the age to come coming into history and into the hearts of believers – NOW!

The Gospel is not About a Free Pass to Heaven When You Die, But About a Full Relationship and Partnership with in the Kingdom of Heaven While You Live!

The fullness of time has already come (Galatians 4:4). Jesus did not come because the time was fulfilled, but He fulfilled the time by His coming! Blasting a cross-shaped, resurrection-sized hole in the middle of human history was the matrix from which was born a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17); the long-anticipated age of the Spirit foretold by Joel had arrived (Joel 2:28-32, Acts 2:17-21).

To receive the gospel message – the good news -- that is God-authored, Christ-centered, and that has a Cross-shaped, Resurrection-sized hole is to cease to be a “last days” people and become a “new days” people in a new age! It is the invitation of Acts 5:20 – to speak, see, and savor the words of this LIFE.

The new age has been formed in Christ—the new age is being formed in God’s redeemed people – the new age will be formed in the whole of creation – just as Isaac Watts song “Joy to the World” – “He makes the blessings flow--far as, far as the curse is found!”

There was a “Now-ness” to this life in which the end of history had come into the middle of history. Through the cross-shaped hole the resurrection of Christ left in history we can see with the eyes of faith that God has launched the most ambitious phase of His plan to reverse the curse and repossess the world for Himself.

The blessings of Christ’s resurrection and ascension are ours now –today! Former orphaned, alien sons of disobedience, living under rule of the prince of darkness can now know and enjoy the presence, power, privileges and responsibilities of Sonship!

We have the most powerful King/Priest in the universe looking after our interest in the interest of His Father’s business. To look after the interest of another is the meaning of the word “intercede”. Our High King/Priest Jesus looks after our best interest by appearing before the Father in our nature. Jesus loves us and wears our names on His heart and has engraved us upon the palms of His hands and is touched with all the feelings of our infirmities. Listen to the way the writer of the book of Hebrews states it:

Hebrews 4:14-16, “Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

In Christ, we are truly the people of the New World Order; the people of a New Age, a New Heaven and New Earth, a New Israel, a New Kingdom, a New Jerusalem, a New Sanctuary, and of a New Inheritance! Because resurrection life is abundantly available and powerfully active, our uplook to King Jesus can be rightly focused and our outlook for ministry can be fruitfully exercised! When resurrection power fills me this hour, our obedience will be active and our outreach will be progressive, our prayers will be effective, our joy will be contagious, and our hope will be motivating!

Failure to see the world though the eyes of the of the kingdom being at hand via Jesus’ finished work and ongoing ministry leaves us void of the presence, power, provisions, and the ongoing, unfolding plan of King Jesus in the NOW! This affects everything we do. It affects the way we raise our children, the education we get, the type buildings we build, the way we invest our monies, how we do evangelism, i.e. rescuing a few from off a sinking ship or discipling men to become generational instead of terminal in their thinking, etc., etc.

The resurrection means that an entire regime has fallen—and it was the regime of the old order cursed by Adam’s sin.  A new regime has begun.  That means that all of life is new now—and we are called to see it with new eyes. 

The reality is, “What we see we will be! What we look at shapes how we launch out.” There is hope and help, purpose and power, joy and real job security, available and adequate – NOW! Resurrection power can fill us this hour and when it does it brings an everlasting hope, a powerful impulse, a new vitality and vigor, a new authority, a new momentum, a new joy, and a new willingness to risk all for King Jesus. It is only as this is taking place that we will be embodying, proclaiming, and demonstrating before the world what the new creation is and what it looks like! And this will advance the kingdom and fill our churches and multiply them by the thousands across the world!

V. There is a Necessary Response that Prompts a Choice to Change in Order to Enter Jesus’ New World Order 

“repent and believe in the gospel.”

A. Accessibility to what Jesus Offers and what He has can’t be had without relating to WHO HE IS!

You can’t get the blessings of the Kingdom’s supplies without bowing to the Kingdom’s Sovereign and surrendering to the scepter of His kingdoms rule!  You can’t have the fruit of the kingdom, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, without the root of a relationship with the King, who is the Righteous One, the Prince of Peace, and the Joy-filled Jesus!

We must clarify the meaning of repentance. The religious life of Israel was designed precisely to deal with conviction and guilt with respect to sin. But such repentance is nowhere designated a sign of the Kingdom.  Jesus’ call to Israel was something radically new.  It was a radical new demand in light of a new reality that was dawning in history.  They were commanded to turn from their rebellion and religion and submit to Christ by:
(1) Entering into a Love Relationship with Him – to be connected, united, bound, networked to Jesus!

(2) Submitting to His Rulership or Kingship over me – to be commanded by His will, controlled by His Word, and directed by His ways!

(3) Embracing His Partnership or Discipleship with me – to become a counter-culture revolutionary that by the power of resurrected life and love and sacrificial living, show and tell what life in the kingdom of heaven is like!

All this means then that discipleship can no longer be narrowly defined as the nurture of my “spiritual life,” and witness as merely a verbal statement of “what Jesus Christ means to me.”  The Gospel is addressed to the whole of creation and so our notions of discipleship and witness must have the same cosmic breadth as the Gospel we announce. 

“That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Biblical discipleship means nothing less than renouncing all competing allegiances and abandoning all worldviews that exclude the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  For you see, the Resurrection of Jesus is the starting point of a whole new way of seeing the world and everything in it and then prepare the people of God to live out that new way of seeing as they announce the dawn of a new creation. 

In the words of Paul, discipleship can mean nothing less than bringing every thought captive in obedience to Christ: not just so-called religious or spiritual thoughts, but every thought, whether economic or artistic, political or familial, educational or recreational. And that captivity is expressed in wholehearted cultural obedience for the sake of making Jesus known.

The biblical announcement of repentance says, “If time has been interrupted by God and the power of the end has invaded the now, everything must change. We must view everything differently. The old sin-cursed order has been redeemed.

Since the kingdom has come, is coming and will come finally and forever, we cannot view history like others. History is no longer the story of civilizations coming and going without inherent meaning. History is about a loving and powerful God who created mankind to fellowship with him and partner with him in the earth project.

Ministry can no longer be viewed as something professional ministers do but as the work we are all called to do. The marketplace is just as strategic for kingdom partners as the church house; the state house is just as important as the bible school; the kitchen is just as vital as the seminary. We work, not because of the curse or just to make a living but because our Father works and we must do the works of Him who has sent us out. We are now workers together with God. We labor with Him to discover the mysteries and treasures he has hidden in his creation, and apply the redemption he has granted to the worlds of commerce, education, politics, etc. in order to bring the earth into fullness of fruition for the glory of our Father in Heaven.

Again to quote Dudley Hall, “This will affect our attitude toward money. Money is not the primary reward for work. It is not the ultimate treasure. Money is just a tool for establishing the kingdom on earth. we are new creation givers. Our new DNA is the same as the one who gave his Son. Only when we decide to be givers will the joy come. With the joy will come many creative ways to create wealth for the benefit of his purposes.”

This “NOW” presence of Jesus in space-time history is made possible because the King of Glory came down in humiliation to be crucified and buried. He then rose from the grave in demonstration that His mission had been successful. Then forty days later He ascended to heaven to experience exaltation and coronation by His Father as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The reward of His victory was the award of the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out on the people of God so that our King is more present now than He was then in 30 AD; more powerful now than He was then, more productive now in ministry than He was then; more pervasively ruling the world now than He was then! For us as a new covenant people, we have more than just something to shout about - we have SOMEONE to shout about - it’s the Shout of the King among us! Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them.”
God the Father said “You are my Son in whom I’ve always been well pleased and now it’s my pleasure to sit You at my right hand where there is forever fullness of joy! So the “LORD said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.”
“Sitting at Father’s right hand” is a figure of speech that means because Father was so pleased for all that His Son had done, that He placed Him in the place of highest honor, greatest pleasure, and mightiest power and authority. (Read Ephesians 1:20-23)

Many Bible teachers infer that Jesus went back to heaven disappointed and in weakness and defeat because He had been rejected as King by the Jews and had to postpone His kingdom. He is viewed as an exile in heaven, driven off by the hatred of men, and rules only in heaven and over His people. To console themselves they say, “But just you wait! One day He will come back and get the real, literal, material throne that He has wanted and has waited for centuries to get!”
 NO! Ten thousand times NO! Our Redeemer never intended that men crown Him as King. No man can make Him Lord or King. Father has already done that, so all you and I can do is either confess Him as Lord by faith and be saved, or wait until He comes and confess Him out of fear and force as Lord and be damned forever.

There was an overwhelming sense of victory in the early church because Christ’s resurrection and ascension resulted in His being among them in a way just as real and powerful as He was when He was in their midst in a physical body. This victory orientation was maintained in spite of the fact that many of them had already died horrible deaths and many others were about to die, suffer persecution, and lose everything for Jesus’ sake. Near Nero’s Circus Maximus, (or Coliseum) in Rome, there is a monument that recounts the vision and determination of the martyrs in the statement: “Christ is conquering, Christ is reigning, Christ rules over all.” This expresses so well the reality of living with the shout of the King among them.

In the incarnation, humiliation, death, resurrection, ascension and enthronement of Jesus, God is slowly, surely, steadily and successfully solving the problem of evil and suffering! This should greatly encourage and embolden us. Puritan John Owen preached, “Though our persons fall, our cause shall be as truly, certainly, and infallibly victorious, as that Christ sits at the right hand of God. This gospel shall be victorious. This greatly comforts and refreshes me”

We are not awaiting a future time or place when Christ receives a position of supremacy – He has it NOW! Thus, during the present age, Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father, putting His enemies under His feet, through His properly authorized, Spirit-baptized, great-Commission-going, disciple-making, signs-and-wonders-following-them type people!

King Jesus is running the affairs of the world for the benefit of His church, and bestowing gifts and ministries upon His people. If the people of faith can ever recover this sense of having the King among us at all times, we will once more begin to expect great things of God and attempt great things for Him.

In the Lord Jesus Christ we NOW have a life that can never be forfeited; we have a righteousness that can never be tarnished; an acceptance that can never be rejected; a standing that can never be disputed; a justification that can never be reversed; an inheritance from which we can never be disinherited; a wealth that can never be depleted; a resource that can never be diminished; a possession that can never be measured; a power that can never by rendered impotent or inadequate to accomplish our assignment.

In the Lord Jesus Christ we NOW have a peace that can never be destroyed; a joy that can never be suppressed; a love that can never be abated; a strength that can never be vitiated; a power that can never be exhausted; a salvation that can never be annulled; a forgiveness that can never be rescinded; a deliverance that can never be thwarted; an assurance that can never be disappointed; an access that can never be discontinued.

In the Lord Jesus Christ we NOW have an Intercessor who can never be disqualified; a revelation that can never be destroyed; a Victor who can never be vanquished; a resurrection that can never be hindered; a hope that can never be disappointed; a glory that can never be dimmed! Great God in Heaven; A NEW WORLD ORDER that is both Now and Forever!

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