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In December 1913, Eliza left Waco, Texas, for New York, and boarded a ship bound for Africa along with six other missionaries, reaching Monrovia, Liberia, on January 20, 1914.

One of the most significant figures in the history of Christian missions is a freed Georgia slave named George Liele. Even though William Carey, the renown missionary to India, may be called the father of the modern missionary movement, George Liele left America and planted the gospel in Jamaica a full ten years before Carey left England.

God’s glory is not an attribute as much as it is the sum total of all God’s attributes. In viewing God’s glory, we are not directly viewing God, but the impress and effects of His majestic greatness.

Much of our giving during Christmas is due to a sense of obligation produced by someone else giving us a gift. It is only when we direct our thoughts God ward that the overwhelming, incomparable, immeasurable nature of gifts and giving takes on eternal significance and meaning.

One thing hasn't changed since the time of Joseph and Mary - nearly everyone missed that first Christmas, too. Those who missed Christ and Christmas all have their counterpart in modern society. Don't miss the reason for the season - Christ, who was historically born and now wants to be spiritually reborn in you.

The good news of the gospel is that God’s Sent One was successful in His rescue efforts. God’s wrath has been satisfied; His law magnified. Sin has been nullified, Heaven glorified, the devil horrified and all who put their faith in Jesus are justified, and the number of the justified is being multiplied by the millions!

The Christmas Event is the greatest story the world has ever heard. The good news it brought and brings – the gospel - is the invitation to tear up all our own little scripts and self-made stories, and enlist, with a clean start and a strategic part, as members of the cast in God’s big redemptive story.