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Linking-up and Living-out God’s Big Story!

Linking-up with the Kingdom of God and Living-out of the kingdom/covenant based Big Glory Story of God in the Family Firm of Almighty and Sons is the underlying Christian principle for every action and relationship. Within the three-in-one God there has always been a person-to-person perfect love, humility, ministry, communication, and fellowship. The Puritans called the Trinity a "sweet society." Relational love is possible because God is the Lover, and has always had a Beloved, and Love, i.e. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! The love within the Trinity is the ground of God’s love for us. That love is first foundational, and typical. We work because the Triune God has made us co-partners in Kingdom Enterprises Unlimited and He is the greatest of all Workers. He made the world in six days and holds it together by the Word of His power and provides for all its necessary sustenance to reach His intended purpose. But God is not a workaholic -- He rested on the seventh day. Some insightfully said that, “God looked forward to the weekend and could enjoy it all the more for having achieved something worth doing!” We also need to embrace the rhythm of work and Sabbath rest.

Why get married at all? Why stay married? Why do we have children at all? The New Testament’s answer is because marriage and child¬bearing enshrine the great mystery; both tell out the Big Glory Story. Marriage only makes sense if it is connected to the Big Story of God’s covenant love for his people via Christ’s sacrificial passion for his bride the church. Husbands then sacrifice for their wives because Christ did: wives submit to husbands who do that, and both live to tell the tale.

What about issues like abortion? To choose not to abort a baby for reasons of conve¬nience but to carry it to full term; to carry through the prolife project; to bear, nurture and sustain a created life whatever it turns out to be; to commit and to vow and be faithful and to keep covenant until death or desertion breaks that covenant — to do any or all of these things is to tell the story of the one creator God who did not abort his creation experiment even at the Flood but promised never to disown his creation until his redemptive purposes were complete. It is to illustrate the narrative of a God who made covenant with Israel and remained — as Hosea did — obstinately determined to redeem his love, even if it cost him the life of his only Son on the cross.

Why are we commanded to forgive those who trespass against us? Because as Paul reminds us: ‘God in Christ forgave you’ (Eph. 4:32). We tell the truth, turn the other cheek, forgive others, not because it will always make people like you (they may get enraged), or so that you advance your career prospects with the company. ‘Jesus does not say that if we turn our cheek we will not be hit. He just reassures us that if we live as he lived we shall be living the way God rules the world’.  The point is clear: Identity and Destiny are inseparably connected -- if you know who you are in the big story, you know what you’re here for. This narrative-shaped way of living worked in the first century and continues to be relevant today.

Having linked up with God’s Big Story, how do I live out of such stories as Noah’s, Abraham’s, Moses’, David’s, and in Israel’s?  Am I to simply to glean moral lessons from them, use them as an example of what and what not to do in certain life situations, or to discover principles to apply to certain disciplines in life, i.e. for church, business, children, marriage, etc.?

In the Big Story of life in Jesus and His life in us, we are to fit, or find our place and function according to His Big Story script and not according to our own ad lib, scribbled up, post-it notes attempts at running our lives! So how do I fit in and live out of Noah’s Story?

Like Noah, by faith, we have stepped into the Ark of God – Christ. He has borne God’s wrath and judgment. We have been saved, as Peter says, so as by water. Like Noah, but in a far greater manner, we have stepped out into a new world, a new creation. With him we can stake all on the covenant faithfulness of this tough, yet tender God. God has hung his arrowless bow over us in covenant security because Christ took the full force of the arrows of divine justice against our sins. We can take our stand as new players in the Big Story – His –Story – as a New Humanity –a Third Race of the Twice Born!

How do I find and fit into Abraham’s Story? Like Abraham, we have heard the sound of His voice and caught sight of His Son (Jesus said in John 8:56, “Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.) Like Abram, (high father) whose name was changed to Abraham, (father of many nations) our names have been changed because our natures have been changed. Like Abraham, we have caught a glimpse of the city that has foundations, whose Maker and Builder is God. We can laugh at the impossible promise of God, knowing that he is the God who will perform all that He promises. We then can name our spiritual offspring – Isaac, or laughter – and enjoy the trip as strangers and pilgrims on this earth. Since the Bible uses the same terms to describe both Israel and the Church, proving that those of the household of faith are one and the same, we are both called the beloved of God, the children of God, the field of God, the flock of God, the house of God, the people of God, the vineyard of God, the wife of God, the children of Abraham, the chosen people, and the circumcised – one covenant community of grace and not race.

How do I fit in and follow in Moses’ Story? Our Moses, Jesus, has led us out of bondage from Satan and the world system. He has gone into the wilderness to meet and defeat the enemy of our souls. He has led us, not to Mt. Sinai, as the Law-Giver, but to Himself, as Mt. Zion and the Perfect Law-Keeper. He has cut the new Covenant with Father God in His body and by His blood. This covenant can’t fail and won’t be broken by sinful people, because it’s made with Him, and not them, and now all Father’s dealings with us are in Christ. He has written the Law, not on tablets of stone, but on our hearts, which gives us the desire to both will and do of His good pleasure.

How do I fit and function in David’s Story? King Jesus has been anointed and appointed and He won’t be disappointed. By redemptive purchase and royal transfer, we have been taken from the kingdom of darkness and are now in the kingdom of God’s dear Son. We’re kings and priests unto our God in a global community that confesses Jesus Christ as Lord of all. We’re King’s Kids in Training for Reigning and know that even if we lose some battles, the final war has already been won. Thus we are winners, even when we lose, and failing is something we sometimes do and not who we are.

How do I fit in and fulfill Israel’s Story? As the ultimate Israelite and the final Adam, Jesus began a new nation. Having broken down the wall between Jew and Gentile by his own death, burial, resurrection, ascension and sending back the Holy Spirit. He established a nation that is bringing forth the fruits of the kingdom -- a fulfilled Israel in which believing Gentiles have now become part of the commonwealth of believing Israel. They have the same citizenship-rights as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Isaiah. This happens in the cross-event. It is not something that we await. That is the good news of the gospel. By grace through faith we have been grafted into the faith-stock of the Old Testament people, recovering our Jewish roots, but living free from the burden of the Law and enabled to keep the covenant with God by the purchase of Christ’s death and the power of His resurrection life now in us via the Holy Spirit. We are true sons and daughters of Abraham. The hopes and fears of all the years have been meet in Messiah Jesus. As the Israel of God, our offspring will be as the stars of the sky in number, and as fellow members of a holy nation, we can live as royal priest, re-presenting God to man and man to God – telling the Big Story of Redeeming Love!

What is your story? Is it about being successful, becoming an “American Idol”, racking up on the good things of life. The good things being like getting a good education, a good job, a good mate, get a couple of good children, get a lot of good stuff – cash, cars, clothes, cabins -- a good house in a good neighborhood, occasionally attend a good church filled with good people, take a lot of good vacations, enjoy a good time golfing, gardening, and hunting and fishing, then retirement with good health, so that you can go to a good place called Heaven?

If this is your story, it is far too small, too self-centered, and will never satisfy the reason for your being – the why-am-I-here cry in your bosom! King Jesus invites you to tear up your little script and join the cast of God’s Big Story. You will find significance, security and a strategic part in the Big Story that only you can play!

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