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If this is your first exposure to the title, it simply means that we are using “Jesus Glasses” as a metaphor to assert that Jesus is the standard by which all scripture must be read if one is to truly understand it. (Read Luke 24:25-27;44; John 1:45;5:39; Acts10:43; 28:23,31) With our Jesus Glasses over the eyes of our understanding, our perusals of the Scriptures have focused primarily upon persons rather than events, upon individuals instead of items. However events, holy days, and buildings such as the Tabernacle and the Temple play a vital part in setting the stage for the unfolding drama of God’s Big Redemptive Story.Making sure that we have our Jesus Glasses in place, we want to consider the event of the Exodus of enslaved Israel form Egyptian bondage. Rather than focus on the many details, we will concentrate on two:  the Passover and the actual exodus event.

In the second book of the Hebrew Bible, we have the account of the Lord’s deliverance of his people from bondage in Egypt, which gives the book its name. This Exodus event is the supreme Old Testament account of the saving acts of God. This event so profoundly impacted Israel that it became one of the most important patterns in the Bible for understanding God’s redemptive story. Everything that follows – including the ultimate fulfillment of what the exodus portrayed in the person and work of Jesus Christ – is going to follow the script of redemption by grace, the shedding of blood and the power of God in making it an effectual work, which was foreshadowed in the exodus of Israel from Egypt. It is here that we first encounter the idea of salvation by redemption and redemption by the death of a substitute. On the mountain of the transfiguration, Moses and Elijah spoke with Jesus about his exodus, a term deliberately chosen to link the salvation of Christ with its prototype in the ancient event. One commentator on Exodus dedicates his commentary to “all who share in the greater EXODUS from the world of sin brought about by our Lord Jesus Christ.” [H. L. Ellison] Focusing on the Passover in Exodus 12, I want to share a sermon outline of which a good portion came from someone else whose book and name I have lost. Please take time to explore, expand and preach, teach and share this message with others. I called the teaching "The Lamb of God and the Feast for Freedom!"

In that climactic week when God’s Lamb, Jesus, died on the altar of the cross, He filled in the blanks that the Israelites had been observing for over a thousand years. The Jewish Feast for Freedom known as the Passover was finally and forever fulfilled by the Lamb of God. “…for Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.” (1 Corinthians 5:7)

The Lamb of God and the Feast for Freedom!

I. Their Position in the Land Made Them Liable!

A. Their Desperate Plight- Ex 12:12
Judgment was coming upon all the firstborn in the land of Egypt. Hebrew and heathen alike were under the sentence of death and damnation. Our position by nature as fallen descendants of Adam, as well as our sinful choices, makes us rebels against God’s government. We all have criminal records in Heaven.  By nature we are liable to immediate execution of the Divine sentence!

II. The Blood of the Lamb Made Them Safe!

A. The Divine Prescription- Ex 12:3-13
1. Predestined Salvation-12:3, 21; Acts 2:23-24
a. a deliberately chosen Lamb-12:3
b. specifications-12:5
c. identification-12:6; I Peter 1:19

The Lamb of God is the Master Theme of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation!  In Genesis 4:4, the Lamb is typified in Abel’s offering; in Genesis 22:8, the Lamb is prophesied by Abraham; in Exodus 12, the Lamb is specified in the Passover; in Isaiah 53:7-8, the Lamb is personified; in John 1:29, the Lamb is identified by John the Baptist; in the four Gospels the Lamb is crucified and revivified; in Revelation 5:6, the Lamb is magnified; in Revelation 19:7, the Lamb is satisfied; in Revelation 22, the Lamb is glorified!

The flawless, innocent Lamb admired acknowledged, and applauded would not protect from judgment. There must be:
2. Personal Appropriation-12:21-22 -- Belief was required and the blood had to be applied
3. Progressive Appreciation -12:3-4 – Notice the progression from a lamb, the lamb, to your lamb

4. Protection from Damnation-12:13, 23 – The house made no difference (mansion or a shack). Race made no difference. Morals and merits of the people inside the houses weren’t the issue. God was looking for one thing-Blood! Why? Blood meant that death had already done its work in an innocent substitute. Safety and security from damnation is in the sprinkled blood of the Lamb.  To speak in terms of the sprinkled blood is to use spiritual shorthand for the atoning, satisfying, substitutionary work of Jesus the Lamb of God on the cross!

Should sevenfold storms of thunder roll
And shake this globe from pole to pole
No thunderbolt shall daunt my face
For Jesus is my Hiding Place!

III. The Word of the Lord Made Them Sure!

Safety is in the sprinkled blood of the Lamb.  Surety is in the spoken Word of the Lord – Ex 12:13b; 6:6-7. Ex 6:6: “Therefore say to the children of Israel: ‘I am the LORD; I will bring you out from under the burdens.”  How could the Israelite be sure that the Death Angel would pass over his house?  Was it because he had been good or because he felt good about the situation?  What if he had by faith applied the blood over the door and was still filled with dread and doubt-was he in danger?  NO!

“Feelings come and feelings go, and feelings are deceiving. But my warrant is the Word of God. Naught else is worth believing.”
How can I be sure that I will be spared from destruction? The Word of the Lord! Read Rom 8:1-2; Gals 3:13; 1 Peter 2:24

IV. The Feasting on the Lamb Made Them Strong!--12:8-9

A. The Lamb was to be roasted-12:9 -- Not boiled or raw- that is, minus the direct contact of fire which symbolized judgment. (Many look to Jesus as a Model, Master, Martyr, Teacher, but there is no fire of judgment)
B. The Lamb was to be eaten-12:10 -- No leftovers –This means no attempts at living on past experiences with the Lamb. Jesus is our Strength, our Resource for Living. When we feast upon Him we become confident that we can do all things through Christ, who is our strength.

V. Their Dress for Leaving Made them Ready!-12:11

1. Loins girded -- speaks of character
2. Feet shod – speaks of conduct
3. Staff  in hand -- speaks of concession – conceding the need of external help-not self-sufficient.
What were they dressed for? For warfare-12:41, 51. This was a Pre-victory feast, celebrated before marching orders were given.

VI. The Experience of New Life Made Them Witnesses!-12:26-27

They were to rehearse the story of God’s unfolding drama of redemption continuously. They were to repeat the truth faithfully about a night to be remembered in a land to be forgotten. We are to tell the story of the Lamb of God to those the Holy Spirit makes us appointment with.

His only righteousness I show His saving grace proclaim;
Tis all my business here below To cry: Behold the Lamb --
Happy, if with my latest breath I might but gasp His name
Preach Him to all, and cry in death Behold, Behold the Lamb!

VII. The Exodus from the Land Made Them Free!-12:31-32; 6:6-7

Israel was liberated from slavery and released from their past on that night when the death angel passed over the houses because a lamb had died and its blood had been sprinkled as a covering over the doors.

The personal experience of redemption through the shed blood of the Lamb of God at Calvary marks the beginning of new life, new meaning, and new resources for living for all those who come to the Lamb of God.

At Calvary, the believer’s past is forgiven, their present makes sense, and the prospects of the future are glorious!  Like Israel of old, when we enter into a blood-stained house, we go through the same blood-sprinkled way at the beginning of a new day--no longer slaves but Sons of the Living God.; free from past obligations; liberated from rejection to acceptance, from orphans to adopted sons. Free from sin’s condemnation, law’s curse. Free, praise the Lord-Free at last!

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