Our Three-part Plan for Ministry


1. Touching the Pre-Believer 

in gospel mission efforts all over the world with the love of God as expressed through the
gospel. Since the establishment of Training for Reigning Institute of Disciple Making in 2008, and working in partnership
with Grace Fellowship of Augusta, we have connected with pastors on four continents, equipping indigenous churches -
continuously working with their leaders in assisting them in every way possible in reaching the unsaved with the gospel of
God. We assist them with the distribution Bibles and gospel tracts in many languages. Looking for ways to tangibly show the
love of God that would facilitate a more inviting open door for the gospel, we partner with pastors and their leaders in
humanitarian projects that range from establishing schools in remote villages in Kenya, Africa, to digging water wells in
countries like Kenya, Togo, and Pakistan, as well supplying farm animals in efforts to enable the pastors and people to
become self-sustaining. We provide food, building materials, and medicines to the poor and needy in many other Majority
World countries to aid in gospel advancement.

2.Teaching the New Believers

by the light of God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit. We assist pastors and key leaders
locally, nationally, and internationally in learning the Jesus’ Standard of building disciples. We do this in many ways such as
by conducting training seminars, providing Bibles and printed study materials needed for their spiritual growth in many
different languages, as well as underwriting indigenous pastors to conduct training seminars on disciple-making in their

3.Training the Maturing Believer

so that they become and build world-visionary, world-impacting, reproducing disciples.
We now have an excellent training facility on the campus of Destino del Reino, in Siguatepeque, Honduras, that has a dorm
that will accommodate 48 persons. Here we bring pastors and key leaders to invest two weeks of intense training in each
group so that they get better equipped to fulfill the Great Commission by learning how to make DMD’s with TWI! (Disciples
who Make Disciples with Total World Impact as the goal.)